ISU PFF Program Components

The PFF program consists of four courses coordinated by the Graduate College. The first course participants complete is Gr St 585 (fall only). This course is followed the subsequent semester by Gr St 586 (spring only). The final two courses in the program, Gr St 587 and Gr St 588 (all semesters) are arranged to fit cohort participants’ schedules. Gr St 587 and Gr St 588 can also be taken concurrently with other PFF courses. Each of the four courses in the PFF program are designed to cover a unique area or set of topics related to becoming a future faculty member.

Participants are not required to complete all four courses. The number of courses completed correlates to which transcript designation is earned. The designations include:

  • PFF Associate: completed Gr St 585 and 586
  • PFF Fellow: completed Gr St 585, 586, and 587 or 588
  • PFF Scholar: completed Gr St 585, 586, 587, and 588

Course Descriptions

First Semester – Gr St 585

Graduate Studies (Gr St) 585: PFF Introductory Seminar is a 2-credit course consisting of 15 two-hour panels and team workshops overviewing issues of faculty and student life including the hiring, promotion, and tenure process and expectations at different institutions to help you find your fit in the academic landscape. Participants will create/refine/polish vitae, cover letters, and research statements.

Second Semester – Gr St 586

Graduate Studies (Gr St) 586: PFF Intermediate Seminar is a 3-credit course that meets two times each week for 90 minutes. Sessions focus on topics such as teaching statements, course design, interviewing skills, and effective pedagogical strategies. Participants update their 585 job package with statements commonly requested by hiring committees (such as teaching or service statements), write a series of reflection journal responses, participate in learning teams, and develop course materials (e.g., syllabi, sample assignments, course activities, assessments, and evaluation rubrics) for a course they might teach as future faculty.

Third Semester – Gr St 587

Graduate Studies (Gr St) 587: PFF Teaching Practicum is a 1-3 credit, individually arranged, teaching experience. Participants arrange and complete a stand-alone teaching experience accompanied by appropriate mentoring. The teaching experience may be traditional or web-based, but must be at least the equivalent of a 1-credit university course. Additional requirements include: weekly meetings with fellow Gr St 587 classmates, observing a classmate’s teaching and having their teaching observed, and reflective writing assignments. Completed proposals for Gr St 587 must be submitted to the PFF program director for approval before the semester begins.

Fourth Semester – Gr St 588

Graduate Studies (Gr St) 588: PFF Special Topics is a 1-3 credit independent study providing academic professional development. Activities might include supervised reflective writing of a grant our journal article, extensive job shadowing at partner institutions, course or web development, participation in university or extension service responsibilities, etc. Additional requirements include: weekly meetings with the PFF director and other Gr St 588 participants, frequent submissions of progress on the project, and reflective writing assignments. Completed proposals for 588 must be submitted to the PFF program director for approval before the semester begins.

Additional detailed information (i.e. course syllabi, proposal forms, etc.) is available on the Information for New and Continuing PFF Participants page.